Our Poker Faces.

Chelsea Robinson

A 22-year-old music and caffeine fanatic from Bolton. My interest in design peeks when working with advertising and branding, but I’m always interested in learning new skills in different areas.

Robert Barton

Hi I’m Robert Barton Avid pixel pusher with a passion for emerging technologies and a love for every thing ideas, brand creation and packaging.

Dylan Carr

Ello, I’m Dylan! I’m a Liverpool-born lad who loves life. As well as being big into design, I love classic films, a wide range of music and the card game, poker. I’m willing to stay late, work hard and design it all. Hopefully I can do that alongside you in your studio. I was lucky enough to get some studio experience under my belt before the pandemic and so it won’t take me long to settle in! Please get in touch; I’d love to hear from you. All the best people and stay safe.

Joseph Leeney

Hey, I’m Joe!

I specialise in branding

In my spare time I like to draw, play guitar and animate.

Enough talk.

Tom Culton

Hi! I’m a 20 year old Graphic Designer from Merseyside. I design under the name CULT because no one can spell my last name (and it sounds kind of cool), I’m *obsessed* with the colour orange, and you’ll usually find my work being quite fun, quite colourful and a bit odd. I’m a sucker for branding and packaging design but i’ve also been fascinated with TV idents and presentation since I was a little kid… as you do.

Dom Dzik

Hey, I’m Dom! I’m specialising into brand and identity design.

I love making things, whether that be fiction writing, short films, photography, you name it. Apart from that, I can talk all day about films or Bob Dylan.

Holly McNicholas

My name is Holly McNicholas, a west Cumbrian, baker of cakes and writer of words in my free time.

When I’m not in front of screen designing, I can be found trying to make macarons (the fancy french kind) work with gradually increasing success and attempting to get back into reading books (I’m almost finished my first Terry Pratchett).

I like trying out as many areas of design as possible, from 3D modelling to video editing, and pride myself on being a flexible worker full of fun facts and research.

Will Campbell

Hey, I’m Will, a designer from the beautiful city of Preston. I have interests in many areas of graphic design, for example, branding, motion graphics, and 3D graphics. In the future I hope to work with a vast range of companies, big or small, in helping them communicate and produce interesting and innovative projects.

Josh Armstrong

Hello, I’m Josh.

Born and bred Prestonian, always had artistic tendencies, now looking to do something which can make a difference through my creativity. 4 years self taught on guitar (you’d think I have just started) and I love a good hike (walked up Skafell pike once!).

Sarah Gregory

My name’s Sarah (but you can call me Sazza, Greg or Greggers) and I’m from Blackpool.

Always been a creative person and wanted to use my skills for good. I’m interested in branding, I enjoy solving problems and I believe that every brief has a “smile in the mind” idea somewhere – I just have to find it!

I wanted to make the most of this course, so I’m incredibly proud to have graduated with a D&AD Pencil under my belt!

Samiya Rahman

Hello! I’m Sam, from a small town in Lancashire. Up the Clarets! A designer by day and an athlete by night. Sport plays a huge part in my life and has helped me to become a great team player on and off the field. I am a photography enthusiast as well as developing a keen interest for Branding. I enjoy the creative thinking and witty personality that goes into each and every project. I’m always up for a challenge and always open to learning something new everyday!

Michael Cardwell-Clarke

Straight to the point, the names Spike. Preston born and bred.
I love telling stories, keeping fit and drinking copious amounts of coffee.
I wish to pursue a career in branding and explore how tech can be used as a tool to further enhance experiences, and for positive impact.

Emma Barber

Hi, I’m Emma, a Yorkshire lass from (near) Leeds. A self-proclaimed film buff, and former dancer. I love storytelling through design, tea-drinking, and creative thinking. Designing ideas is my thing, as I aim to have witty and thought-provoking concepts at the heart of every project. I am also a One to Watch winner at D&AD New Blood Festival 2020. My strengths lie in branding and campaigning for positive change. Feel free to check out my work and get in touch!

Will Davies

I’m Will. A designer based out of Radcliffe, Bury. I was honoured to have joined Preston past graduates in being nominated for a D&AD New Blood Pencil. I have a real passion for design and creating something that can make an impact in society and that makes someone smile along the way. I have learned many traits while studying on this decorated course. I want to go into branding and help create the next great visual identity.

Sophie Pereira-Caria

Hello! I’m Sophie, enjoyer of all things fun and colourful.

I love mixing my own illustrative work into my graphic design projects; each project here has at least one illustration done by me! Packaging is one of my favourite design areas, and a line of work I would love to pursue after University.

In my spare time, I’m an avid music listener, postcard collector, and cartoon animal illustrator. I hope you enjoy what you see!

Connor Bolton

Hi, my name is Connor Bolton.

I am a Graphic Designer based in the small town of Darwen . During my time at university I have developed a keen interest in branding and packaging design , however in general I would describe my work as being very bold and colourful while I also enjoy taking my creative ideas to the extreme to test the boundaries of design.

Outside the world of graphics I have started my new hobby of photography , which gives me the freedom to explore and see new places.

Darcy Tromp

I’m Darcy Tromp , a lil Northern designer from a small town called Blackburn. I’m an easy going, bubbly person who’s always got a smile on my face. Crazy dog lover and adventurer, who loves sugary tea.
( 4 sugars, I know don’t judge )
Very keen on branding, solving problems and bringing ideas to life. Currently looking for creative opportunities, junior design roles and internships. Eager to start my next chapter in the design industry.

Andy Wilson

Howdyyyyyy, my name Andy Wilson and I’m from a small town in Lancashire called Chorley, the same Chorley that reached the FA Cup 4th round in 2021, and the same Chorley ‘Where the listener comes first’. When I’m not hitting BOMBS down the fairway, I’m an ideas man at heart. I love turning my pen and paper ideas into something real. So if you’ve got a creative space that needs filling, do get in contact!!

Agatha Blazey

I’m interested in packaging and branding. I love taking design beyond the pack, exploring a wider brand world. I like to take an ideas led approach in my work in order to create meaningful designs with substance. During my time at UCLan I have also been lucky enough to win 3 D&AD New Blood pencils!

Sam Holcroft

Hi, I’m Sam! I love all things design & film, photography is one of my main hobbies, partial to a cider and I’m obsessed with Katsu Curry. I love ideas, especially when they involve branding or editorial design.

Tele Alli

Hey, I’m Tele Alli, based in Manchester but I’m in London a lot.

I’m just a creative in general, music, art, design, you name it. Of course I’m a graphics student (Soon-to-be graduate), but I can also illustrate, which comes in handy sometimes.

I believe ideas are the foundation of design however execution is a close second. Check me out.

Ryan Boyes

Hi I’m Ryan.

Three years or so ago I got bored and decided to do a graphic design course.

that’s pretty much it.

Sara Esat

Hi, I’m Sara Esat. Class of 2021, creative thinker and dream chaser. Outside of design, I spend my free time indulging in the Lord of the Rings and travelling the world. My approach to design is ever-evolving and I am eager to learn from others.

Sarah Reibbitt

Hey! My names Sarah, I’m from Preston, born and raised. I’m a recent graduate of UCLan in Graphic design. I dabble into all elements of design but packaging is my forte. I love being able to hold the physical thing and appreciate the good design.

Zoë Henderson

Hi I’m Zoë, I’ve been studying graphic design for 6 years now and have really enjoyed every moment of it. I have done a placement in Northern for a magazine company called NI4Kids where I design some of the spreads in the magazine and helped with some of the social media posts to help promote that the magazine was out to our customers.

Nikhil Soni

Hi I’m Nikhil, I’m from Preston.

I enjoy brand building and packaging design, a mixture of the two within tech, sport or music would be fun.

“I dont want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me”

Steph O'Donnell

Hello, my name is Steph, I am a Preston girl with a love of all things design. When I am not designing I spend my time reliving my youth by listening to rubbish bands from the 2005 era, especially Blink 182 and Busted! My hair changes colour more than Chris Whitty says ‘next slide please’ so if you want to contact me just call me the weirdo with five colours in her hair.

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