Refreshingly Honest

D&AD Coors - Emma Barber & Darcy Tromp

Use Coors Tinted Glasses to reveal refreshing honesty.

Emma Barber

Hi, I’m Emma, a Yorkshire lass from (near) Leeds. A self-proclaimed film buff, and former dancer. I love storytelling through design, tea-drinking, and creative thinking. Designing ideas is my thing, as I aim to have witty and thought-provoking concepts at the heart of every project. I am also a One to Watch winner at D&AD New Blood Festival 2020. My strengths lie in branding and campaigning for positive change. Feel free to check out my work and get in touch!

Darcy Tromp

I’m Darcy Tromp , a lil Northern designer from a small town called Blackburn. I’m an easy going, bubbly person who’s always got a smile on my face. Crazy dog lover and adventurer, who loves sugary tea.
( 4 sugars, I know don’t judge )
Very keen on branding, solving problems and bringing ideas to life. Currently looking for creative opportunities, junior design roles and internships. Eager to start my next chapter in the design industry.