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D&AD Spotify - Sarah Gregory, Holly McNicholas & Dylan Carr

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Sarah Gregory

My name’s Sarah (but you can call me Sazza, Greg or Greggers) and I’m from Blackpool.

Always been a creative person and wanted to use my skills for good. I’m interested in branding, I enjoy solving problems and I believe that every brief has a “smile in the mind” idea somewhere – I just have to find it!

I wanted to make the most of this course, so I’m incredibly proud to have graduated with a D&AD Pencil under my belt!

Dylan Carr

Ello, I’m Dylan! I’m a Liverpool-born lad who loves life. As well as being big into design, I love classic films, a wide range of music and the card game, poker. I’m willing to stay late, work hard and design it all. Hopefully I can do that alongside you in your studio. I was lucky enough to get some studio experience under my belt before the pandemic and so it won’t take me long to settle in! Please get in touch; I’d love to hear from you. All the best people and stay safe.

Holly McNicholas

My name is Holly McNicholas, a west Cumbrian, baker of cakes and writer of words in my free time.

When I’m not in front of screen designing, I can be found trying to make macarons (the fancy french kind) work with gradually increasing success and attempting to get back into reading books (I’m almost finished my first Terry Pratchett).

I like trying out as many areas of design as possible, from 3D modelling to video editing, and pride myself on being a flexible worker full of fun facts and research.